The Heath Academy Trust

a primary multi-academy trust, leading learning in east Dorset

Roles In Trust

Chair of Trust

Nick Musselwhite             (appointed 01-Dec-15)


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Accounting Officer 

Justine Horn                         (appointed 01-Sep-16)


Nick Musselwhite              (appointed 17-Nov-15)

Andrew Risby                       (appointed 09-Dec-16)

Jan Roper                                (appointed by the Diocese 01-Sep-18, resigned 15-12-21)

Christopher King                (appointed 01-Sep-19)


Laura Crossley                     (appointed by the Members 05-Dec-16)

Isobel Dale                             (appointed by the Diocese 01-Sep-20)

Justine Horn                         (appointed Ex Officio 01-Sep-16)

Jill McCall                               (appointed by the Trust Board 12-Feb-19)

Rev. Andy Muckle              (appointed by the Diocese 01-Jun-20)

Nick Musselwhite              (appointed by the Members 01-Dec-15)

Andrew Risby                       (appointed by the Members 01-Dec-15)

Clare Sims                               (appointed by the Members 02-Sept-21)

Jennifer Taylor                     (appointed by the Trust Board 17-Jan-18, resigned 16-01-22)

Chief Finance Officer and Company Secretary

Selina White

PA/Administration/H&S Officer

Alice Hobby

Office Enquiries

Our School Leaders

Oakhurst 10-1  teach 05  New headteacher at Sixpenny Handley First School Rachael Musselwhite.  hhta-151  New St James CE First School headteacher Jo Hudson pictured with pupils.  Ofsted 08

Our school leaders are:
Ann Clark, headteacher at Oakhurst Community First & Nursery School;
Laura Crossley, school based teacher training lead and headteacher at St Ives Primary and Nursery School;
Rachael Musselwhite, headteacher at Sixpenny Handley First School;
Justine Horn, CEO and headteacher at Three Legged Cross First and Nursery School;
Jo Hudson, headteacher at St James CE First School & Nursery, Alderholt;
Roy Sewell, headteacher at St Mary’s CE First School and Nursery, West Moors.