The Heath Academy Trust

a primary multi-academy trust, leading learning in east Dorset

Roles In Trust

Chair of Trust


Nick Musselwhite  (appointed 01.12.15)


Chief Executive Head Teacher (CEO) and Accounting Officer 


Justine Horn          (appointed 01.09.16)


Mark Loveys           (appointed 17.11.15)

Nick Musselwhite  (appointed 17.11.15)

Jan Roper                 (appointed 01.09.18)

Andrew Risby         (appointed 09.12.16)



Sharon Carter          (appointed by the members 01.12.15)

Laura Crossley         (appointed by the members 05.12.16)

Justine Horn              (appointed ex officio 01.09.16)

Nick Musselwhite    (appointed by the members 01.12.15)

Andrew Risby           (appointed by the members 01.12.15)

Lesley Wooff             (appointed by the members 01.12.15)

Jennifer Taylor          (appointed by the Trust Board 17.01.18)

Chief Finance Officer and Company Secretary


Selina White

Office Enquiries