The Heath Academy Trust

a primary multi-academy trust, leading learning in east Dorset

About us

Who we are

On 1st December 2015, six schools in East Dorset formally joined together to create The Heath Academy Trust providing education for pupils from nursery up to the age of 11 in East Dorset. These successful schools had worked collaboratively for several years and combined in order to capitalise on the benefits of being in a multi academy trust in enhancing the learning experience for all pupils. The schools within the Trust are committed to improving teaching and learning.

The six schools are:

St Ives Primary and Nursery School
Three Legged Cross First and Nursery School
St James’ CE First School and Nursery, Alderholt
Oakhurst Community First and Nursery School, West Moors
St Mary’s CE First School and Nursery, West Moors
Sixpenny Handley First School & Nursery 

Our Vision Statement

The Trust aims to provide a high quality, inclusive and effective learning environment producing an excellent performance from our children, and to engender a love of learning and a passion for excellence in all areas of school life. We will define a culture of high aspiration, to champion equality for all children and support clear lines of accountability, underpinned by strong, tailored school improvement and management systems within a professional learning environment.

Our Values

  • Inspire
  • Transform
  • Together

The Trust Board

The Heath Academy Trust is an exempt charity and a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales. As such it must comply with both Company and Charity Law and must prepare financial statements each year. The Trust is regulated by the EFA through its funding agreement and Articles of Association.

 The Trust Board has a core aim to advance, for public benefit, education in the United Kingdom. It does not make a profit and works solely towards establishing, maintaining, carrying on and developing our schools.

The Trust Board meets regularly to plan the strategic direction of our schools.  An approved scheme of delegation details the responsibilities of The Trust Board, its committees and local governors within the schools.

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